Lavar Ball deserves credit for landing his 3 kids in the NBA, even if he doesn’t always make supporting him easy

Lonzo Ball, Guard, New Orleans Pelicans
LaMelo Ball, Guard, Charlotte Hornets
LiAngelo Ball, Guard, Detroit Pistons

LaVar Ball, father, of three sons who all play in the NBA.

In what seemed like an improbable declaration just a couple of years ago, LaVar Ball’s promise that all three of his sons would make to the NBA is now a reality.

And there is no way around it. You’re doing something right as a parent if you can make that happen.

What made it seem so unlikely was the wild personality of Ball. A shameless promoter and marketer. A public figure that was talk show gold, who would openly argue with any sports personality who doubted his words, and stood toe to toe with WWE Superstars. He was spoofed on Saturday Night Live on a regular basis, and was often in the spotlight for controversial decisions he made with his kids, including taking two of them out of school to go play ball in Eastern Europe. It was all scrutinized.

But in the end, everything seems to have worked. We’re not sure how far each of them will go. But that’s not really the point. The truth is that sports siblings can go any way two other unrelated players in their respective realms can go. They can be champions like the Manning brothers or the Williams sisters. Or they can sit on the bench. It doesn’t matter. They are still playing at the world’s top level.

It’s a good thing that social media is taking the time to remember Lavar Ball’s promise and to give him credit. He made good on his promise and should be praised. Even if he hasn’t always made it easy.

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