The Masked Singer: Three eliminations gave us three wonderful celebrities


Another great episode of The Masked Singer tonight with THREE big eliminations and we had to say goodbye to some really genuine talents. Celebrities that have found success singing for real.

We had the show set the table for the upcoming Masked Dancer spin off with host Craig Robinson as guest judge, and he was delightful as always and should be a great emcee for the new program, which could be just as big as it’s predecessor.

After a wonderful death match with the Sun, Popcorn was revealed to be none other than Taylor Dayne, which was pegged by a couple of the judges. And it was a wonderful goodbye with everyone enjoying her good bye remarks. A great guest, who seemed to enjoy the experience.

The Jellyfish was eliminated after a tough showdown with Crocodile. And was revealed to have been Chloe Kim. The big winner here was Ken Jeung, who correctly guessed the gold medalist snowboarder and praised her as being an inspiration to his family (even though Jeung didn’t return her text after two years). She can sing and the unmasking was very pleasant. Unlike some other celebs, not a lot of people got this one right.

At the end of night it was down to the highly anticipated identity of who the Seahorse was, and as it was well guessed by the social media crowd, it turned out to indeed be Tori Kelly. Her phenomenal voice was tough to not suspect and it was such a welcomed addition to the show.

The finals gives us the Crocodile, the Sun, and the ever elusive Mushroom Mask. An excellent group to drive us all home. It’s going down next week.

And you know we’ll all be there. Great season!

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