Good for Orange County for finally getting tough on businesses not taking COVID seriously

Congratulations to Orange County for finally asserting itself against the area’s creatures of the night.

Really, I’m talking about nightclubs and bars that haven’t been taking the COVID 19 pandemic seriously. Orange is finally going to start issuing fines on businesses that aren’t exercising practices that are meant to keep their employees and customers safe (story HERE).

This after strike teams for the county walked into a number of bars, who all failed their inspections, and actually made fun of these teams as they tried to do their jobs (story HERE).

The people working on those details don’t need to be ridiculed for trying to save lives. That’s stupid. I’ve managed nightlife before. Those unruly customers should have been ejected and those disrespectful employees should have been suspended or fired.

And what made it worse is that the County just seemed to take it. Even worse, they moaned at a press conference about it.

Well, I’m glad they’re going to fix that.

If they’re not taking your warnings seriously. If you’ve tried to give them the opportunities to right the wrongs. And they still haven’t done it. They’ve got to pay the price.

There are concerns that the Governor’s orders will make enforcement hard. He’s a law and order guy. An attorney himself. This should appeal to his administration. Personal freedom is one matter. Disorderly conduct and endangering others is another.

And businesses won’t want to front the legal bills to fight this either. Compliance is always the way to go.

The result will be a safer community for everyone.

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