Oscar Issac as Solid Snake in Metal Gear is just more proof Hollywood doesn’t care about raising new talent

Oscar Issac was Apocalypse in the XMen Series.
Oscar Issac was Poe Damron in Star Wars.
Oscar Issac is going to be Moon Knight in the new Disney Plus show (post HERE).
And now Oscar Issac is going to be Solid Snake in a new Metal Gear feature film.

Do we not have anymore actors working in Hollywood?

It’s a fair question as producers have just stopped trying to bring us new actors for these high profile parts. What is exactly is going on here? Why are we giving them our money to see the same actors in all of these projects?

It’s really getting frustrating. And the worst part is that Metal Gear has true potential to bring up a new talent if they put the work into in.

The video game franchise reaches back into the 80s and was the first game I ever rented from a video store (for 99 cents).

Metal Gear Solid is my favorite video game of all time. The fights against Gray Fox, and Liquid Snake on top of the mech are some of the best combat sequences in history.

And the sequels to this franchise have all been great. And there are so many great awesome parts to fill. This could be the start of something big, if they do it right.

But they’ve started out by giving the most important and iconic part to an actor that is already taking up more than his fair share of bandwidth in Hollywood. He is so overexposed.

I can’t ignore Moon Knight or Metal Gear. And hence I can’t ignore Oscar Issac. But it won’t be long before producers realize that audiences want to see new faces from time to time.

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