Social Media couldn’t stop joking about this holiday NBA 2K21 Ad

“Who is that?”
“Is that Sarah Huckabee Sanders?”
“When did Amy Klobuchard start playing NBA 2K21?”
“I thought it was Elon Musk”

Social media and more specifically, the sports gaming world, lost their collective minds this week when NBA 2K21, dropped this holiday ad titled “Give The Gift Of Game”.

Nice phrase. Well designed ad. But, one question.

Who is that?

Social media sure didn’t know.

In all fairness to the ad, there was also a lot of praise. Instead of a regular NBA superstar on the cover that would have likely caused people to keep scrolling without a second thought, they had this conversation starter.

If the goal was to get people to look and examine the product, the ad was an unquestionable success.

My best interpretation is that this is a mom that wants to be cool for her kids. And that is real holiday drama for all parents. Ask the ones trying to track down a Playstation 5 or XBox Series X.

The ad is funny and it’s a winner. Great work

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