People thought that actress Rashida Jones was the new President of MSNBC

Social media was mostly confused on Monday afternoon, upon hearing that Rashida Jones was going to be the new president of MSNBC.

Many thought that it was Rashida Jones, who played Ann Perkins on “Parks and Recreation” and Karen Filepelli on “The Office”. Among other big roles.

And many were wrong.

Instead, it was another Rashida Jones. And her new position has historical significance. She will become the first black executive to head a major cable, replacing Phil Griffin.

But here is the discovery that many were making instead.

Doing the math incorrectly, it’s possible to believe that MSNBC and NBC, where both of Jones’ programs aired, might have provided some sort of bridge to where she could ascend to the job.

But it’s a happy occasion. And both of the Rashida Jones’ are doing big things. Congratulations.

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