Bennett cliffhanger leads to back to back nights of Bachelorette episodes next week

Tonight’s Bachelorette left us with a cliffhanger regarding one of Tayshia’s most popular and controversial potential fiancees, while setting the table for back to back nights of new episodes that will air on ABC on both Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Is Bennett gone? Is he staying? Well, it looks like the latter now. But the swerve happened in the final three minutes of the show regarding everyone’s favorite American Psycho knockoff. After losing his showdown for the rose against Noah at the beginning of the night, he just all of the sudden decided to appear at Tayshia’s door to ask for forgiveness in the closing moments. Given the teaser we saw for next week it looks like he’s going to be forgiven.

This means the grudge against Noah certainly isn’t over and it will likely roll over into next Monday’s episode. The extra show also allows ABC to cover the hole left behind by Dancing With The Stars. Both programs share a substantial viewership.

As for Tuesday’s teaser, it looks like a “Men Tell All” show under a pandemic setting with no audience members, but we can’t be sure. Eagle eyed viewers did spot Noah there, which doesn’t look good for him.

Regarding trends, the Bachelorette maintained it’s superiority on social media like it always does, despite a special Tuesday night football game between Dallas and Baltimore.

Here are some top tweets for you…

Anyhow we’ll all be back here next week. For both nights.

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