AEW fans must start preparing for the return of NBA basketball delaying their shows

The good news!

The NBA is coming back!


The bad news…

The NBA will start delaying our AEW broadcasts again…


And so it goes, the compromise of the AEW fan that watches the product on TNT. The promotion announced it’s slate of holiday shows during AEW Dynamite on Wednesday night and sure enough, they featured that conditional television listing.

AEW Dynamite’s Holiday Bash will air on December 23rd.


After the Bucks vs. the Celtics..


So, the truth is that we’re all going to be staying up a little later that night. We’re not sure. But TNT has made it very clear that they don’t rush NBA programming for any reason to accommodate AEW shows.

That was apparent when they pushed an AEW show into the early hours of the morning so they could broadcast Inside the NBA in it’s entirety. They don’t care if it becomes early morning Dynamite (story HERE).

Well, the good news is that it’s during the holidays and we’ll all be staying up a little later anyway.

As for the NBA match up? Bucks vs. Celtics? Well, hopefully it’s a close game and TNT can use that lead in to feed the AEW show.

And we can’t leave without saying how great tonight’s show was. The Inner Circle drama. The Brandi vs. Shaq segment (Shaq is a staple on TNT’s NBA broadcast), and the Orange Cassidy vs. MJF main event that featured what social media is calling “Miro murdering people”.

And then there was Sting. It was a good night. Despite the fact that the NBA is going to make those nights longer.

But hey. We’re getting Snoop Dogg on January 6th.


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