The Bachelorette: Meeting families during a pandemic will make for nervous TV

The Bachelorette has had a pretty strong season during the pandemic. The Clare Crawley drama got things off to a fast start, and the arrival of Tayshia along with a new group of guys pushed the reset button on the season in a way we’ve never seen before. Especially during a pandemic.

But now the show will have to address how they handled the pandemic, as Tayshia prepares to meet the families of the men in her final group of potential fiancees.

The show has been very responsible this season with the COVID crisis dominating all of our lives. They’ve had all of their people under quarantine and the activities have taken place almost entirely on the resort.

But how do you handle the families? Do they have to go under quarantine too?

And as far as the personal dynamics, how will that actually effect Tayshia’s chemistry with the families in regard to what her decision will be on who she decides to marry.

All of that stuff matters.

Now, that hasn’t stopped intimacy during the season. But with families it’s very different.

There could be some other curveballs in there too. What happens if a positive slips past the process and gets someone infected? It could change the entirety of the season.

Hey, it happens in professional sports and even in Congress. It could happen here. Bachelor producers are clever, but they can’t out maneuver the virus.

Either way, as we move into back to back episodes next week (story HERE), it will be interesting to see how the show addresses that. They’re not calling it “Hometowns” like they usually do.

You know we’ll all be there for it regardless.

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