The return of Karrion Kross just lifts NXT to an entirely new level

When WWE fans saw Scarlett Bordeaux come out and confront Finn Balor, we knew it was about to go down.

Her man, Karrion Kross, was coming back. And setting up possibilities for some great things for NXT moving into the next couple of weeks.

And boy, has the show really missed him. Since he got injured, and Keith Lee moved up to RAW, the show has missed that really dominant big man. And the fact that Kross is such a menace just injects some much needed adrenaline into a show that has badly lost a step while he was gone.

Honestly, if crowds were here, they’d cheer him as a hero regardless of who he’s beefing with. He even found himself trending solo on social media tonight. It takes a following to do that on a night where the other promotion is competing, and the most anticipated video game of the year is coming out (story HERE).

We also have to take a moment and salute Scarlett here too. Karrion Kross is WWE theater. His entrance, his entire style leans heavily on his manager’s involvement. This probably doesn’t work without her, especially performing one of the best entrances in wrestling today.

Kross should beat Balor and restart the title reign he never had. In a twist of irony, that’s the same thing that happened to Balor when he had the Universal Title. But it shouldn’t happen this time around.

We need to see him truly dominate for a couple of months. But not too long. You know and I know that these two are destined for the main roster. We have to see Kross vs. Reigns. Kross vs. McIntyre. And Kross vs. the Fiend (Imagine that one).

I don’t normally write about NXT, but Kross’ return is exactly that kind of occasion for a celebration.

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