Social media basketball fans weren’t keen on the Clippers giving Paul George a $226 million dollar extension

Earlier today, ESPN announced that the Los Angeles Cippers have signed their star forward, Paul George, to a five year contract extension that could be worth up to $226 million dollars.

Despite his past career successes, including the deal that landed him in Los Angeles to begin with, George was also unfortunately part of that epic playoff collapse that saw Clippers go down to the Denver Nuggets, despite being widely favored to rival Los Angeles Lakers for supremacy in the Western Conference.

While I’m sure that $226 million dollars will make social media invisible to the man they’re calling “Pandemic P”. George was actually the online presence to overtake Taylor Swift on her album drop day on Twitter. Even if the tone was negative/mocking.

Here are some of the more notable tweets.

George’s fellow superstar Kawhi Leonard has a role here. He’s got an option next year.

But maintaining perspective. He’s the one with $226 million dollars, and we’re not.

Plus, we’ve also got to remember, they do have the tools there to win. And even after all of this, winning does indeed fix (almost) everything.

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