Keith Lee news is even more proof wrestling blogs, podcasts, Youtubers don’t know what they’re talking about

They’re going to push Keith Lee to the moon!

Keith Lee is a favorite of Vince McMahon!

Keith Lee is a possibility to main event Wrestlemania next year!

And now sure enough, the wrestling bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers, who have been getting things wrong for years, and have just been plain awful during the pandemic, are “reporting” that Keith Lee is getting sent back to the WWE Performance Center because Vince McMahon is unhappy with his wrestling performance.

Can we even trust that rumor?

I won’t link to these articles, podcasts, and videos, for the same reason I never do. Most of the time they’re making thing ups. Still, it spreads like lice until it trends, just like it did today.

Unnamed sources that don’t exist. Secret conversations that never happened. Backstage feuds that never were. They’re all guilty of it.

And now they’re readers, are being mislead again. If there were ever a sports tabloid, it would be the wrestling blogs we see out there. They are wrong half the time. That is not an exaggeration.

Many of them are just fanboys angling for access or free stuff. When they don’t get their way, they start lying.

It is reason for concern because most of the time they tell lies about Orlando. My hometown. And they use the reputation of my home to get leverage and talk about stories that don’t exist.

It is my highest recommendation that you go to real news organizations to get your information about wrestling. Companies that have news directors and use the basic fundamentals of reporting. With journalists that actually went to College for Journalism, and feature work that doesn’t rely on unnamed sources, ever, single, time.

The Keith Lee mistake by the blogs is just the latest thing the blogs got wrong. But hey, Smackdown is tonight. I’m sure they’ll make things up for all of us to read tomorrow.

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