The Mandalorian: “The Believer” gives us an exciting new take on an old action sequence

**The following contains spoilers regarding “The Believer” episode of The Mandalorian**

Coming off of the heels of a Disney announcement that will ensure we’re watching Star Wars shows like the “Mandalorian” for years to come, the latest chapter titled “The Believer” had to keep the excitement going into the weekend.

And despite the fact we got no Baby Yoda or “Grogu” this week, they succeeded.

There was just so much strength behind this episode. Bill Burr’s Mayfeld was back and really was the heart and soul of this outing. While it’s strange to replace that Baby Yoda sized hole with Bill Burr, it actually worked really well. His moral struggle with his Imperial past was some of his best work this year, and we actually got more Pedro Pascale with his helmet off, which only lended to the heaviness of the entire mess hall scene.

Let’s talk about that Juggernaut sequence.

Director Rick Famuyiwa gave us an exciting new take on the classic western train chase. When those pirates started chasing down our guys, we got some old school, hard hitting, Star Wars action that really played out niceley. Din went hand-to-hand for the majority of it and it just looked so good. When those TIE fighters swept in, it was gorgeous.

And we have to talk about that message we saw from our hero to Moff Gideon at the end of the show. I felt every word of it. Despite the helmet, it continues to be wonderful voice and body language acting.

Another great episode and I just can’t wait to come back next week. I’m having too much fun.

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