Reactions: Some fans don’t support the Cleveland Indians decision to change their name

Late Sunday evening, news broke that the Cleveland Indians would be changing the name of their team. This, after the Washington Football Team decided to change their name before the start of this season in an attempt to be more sensitive to a changing culture. They were formerly known as the Washington Redskins (story HERE).

An announcement is expected to come later this week, along with the details of how the team will consider moving forward.

The Indians were trending near the top of some social media channels along with the news leading many of the sports news outlets in the United States.

Reactions online were trending mostly with a neutral sentiment.

And many Cleveland Indian fans were unhappy with the decision and posted on the team’s social media pages under other messages because they haven’t formally announced yet. Here are some of the reactions below…

From the team’s Facebook page (link HERE).

“You might of changed the name, but they will always be the Indians to me. I will not be buying any new gear and wasting money.”

“goodbye to cleveland baseball for me. I was an Indians fan since i was a kid. used to go to games with my dad and family every year from Rochester, NY
My fan-ship dies with the logo and team name. Sorry.”

“No more Indians…no more me buying gear. You think you lost money this year lol…just wait. Yeah read the comments …so many people thanking you for doing the right thing lol…you just messed up. Lifelong fan that moved to Washington state…I will root for the mariners now. You trade everything in sight including team names. Sell the team…you destroyed the team”

“Seriously name change?? Pitiful ”

“The Atlanta Braves are next, what a ridiculous world we live in”

105. That’s a legacy, heritage and 105 years of being The Indians. I’m so disappointed and actually quite sad by your decision. Good luck with this decision and your fan base😏

And the number one suggestion for a new team name? The Cleveland Spiders.

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