Call Of Duty Warzone: More than a decade being a dedicated Riot Shield player, here are 16 thoughts

The Riot Shield might be my most single favorite piece of video game equipment. Ever. In this gaming universe that consists of every technological and magical tool or weapon in existence, including the Lightsaber, this simple piece of polycarbonate has given me the most joy in gaming.

If you include Call of Duty Modern Warfare two for the XBox 360, I’ve been using the riot shield for over a decade. Yeah, there was a long gap before it made it’s return, but the shields from Skyrim serve as a credit transfer. Since it’s been back it hasn’t left my inventory.

Here are some thoughts, opinions, and facts about the Call Of Duty Riot Shield that explain why I love it so much.

1. The controller shake when the rounds start hitting it never gets old. It’s exciting but also satisfying when your protected.

2. In a one on one, I can tell in the first second if my opponent knows how to play me. When they don’t, I can feel the uncertainty. They might as well be in the same room.

3. My former XBox Avatar was holding a COD Riot Shield. And wore a Bears jersey.

4. When I used to play airsoft. I actually made a riot shield and it also gave opponents fits.

5. In Warzone, on a map so vast, it’s greatest use will always be wearing it on your back with an Overkill perk.

6. That moment before you end another player with that second hit, is an especially satisfying feeling.

7. There is still a fair amount of Riot Shield shaming out there. I kind of feel like a goof sometimes when I’m playing quads and everybody has these decked out ARs, and I’m carrying a piece of plastic.

8. The Riot Shield and a Shotty with Dragon’s Breath is Close Quarters gold.

9. After all of these years, I’m still surprised at the crazy explosions it protects me from.

10. Sadly, if you’re facing a duo, you’ve got seconds to make it a one on one. If you’re facing a trio or quad without Overkill, you’d better start running.

11. My Saul Goodman class for getting people out of the gulag is an RS, a knife, double time, and a lot of empty space. I’ve banked a lot of cash, and have bailed out more people than Saul Goodman.

12. The above is also my Meredith Grey class for reviving players. And I’ve bet you’ve never heard a Grey’s Anatomy joke on Call Of Duty.

13. If you’re a sniper and I’m letting you shoot me, best believe, I’ve got my own sniper getting ready to take you out.

14. As much as I love the Riot Shield, I’m a realist that in the final stretch of a game, I’m going to have to get a decent gun and actually go on the offensive. And I’ll take it from an eliminated player. Nothing like taking that helicopter ride with someone else’s decked out weapon.

15. Don’t turn your back on me in a one on one. I’m faster than you think. And no, that’s not a flex. I’m running back for my teammates.

16. Block—-Stun/Gas/Blind—Move–Finish = Wins

Seriously, I can’t state how much I appreciate the Riot Shield. It’s silly that in 35 years of gaming, this is what stuck (pun). But I love it. And I’m grateful it’s also in one of my favorite games.

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