City Of Orlando must fix Lake Eola bacteria problem ASAP and explain how it happened

To the rest of the world, the symbol for a Orlando is Disney. Is it true? No. But hey, blame the tourism agencies we constantly overpay.

To us locals, the symbol is Lake Eola. We celebrate there, like we are with the Christmas holidays right now. We mourn there, like we did after the pulse shooting and on other solemn occasions. And we also socialize there through countless events, and everyday exercising and sight seeing.

But right now, Lake Eola is considered unsafe. The water exactly. There is a bacteria problem, and we’re not sure how it got there (story HERE).

City Of Orlando needs to treat this like an emergency. And we need an explanation.

Really, I’m worried about the wildlife. Swans at Lake Eola haven’t been very safe there in recent years, and we just had some donated. We don’t need them poisoned because too much poop got in the water because a pipe broke somewhere.

But also, it’s a terrible look.

We’re already having water problems all over the state, from Lake Apopka, to Brevard County, to the Everglades. It’s a terrible mess.

We don’t need that noise in the middle of downtown.

And then there is also the explanation to the visitors that do happen to escape the tourism district to make it downtown.

“Hey, you can’t use the Swan boats. There is too much poop in the water.”

That doesn’t look good on a Yelp review.

Let’s hope that City Of Orlando will take care of this quickly and let us know how it happened. This town calls itself the greenest city in the Southeast. Let’s hope they live up to their hype.

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