What you can do RIGHT NOW to #stopDMCA or the PLSA legislation targeting streamers with felonies

UPDATE: This legislation was passed as part of the stimulus check package. Here is what comes next (post HERE).

The #stopDMCA trend has had streamers and content creators worried, and lead to the term trending for the majority of Wednesday afternoon on social media.

If you’re worried. Don’t worry. Read THIS post instead.

But if you really want to get active and stop this legislation that would target streamers for felonies in the name of the DMCA, you should do this.

Call both your Senators: Thom Tillis from North Carolina is the bill sponsor, but unless your in his state, you can’t touch him. It has to be your two members of the senate from your state. (contact info HERE)

Here is a script. I’m in Wisconsin, so I’ve tailored the example that way.

“Good morning. My name is Frank Torres and I live in Milwaukee. I’d like to ask Senator Ron Johnson to oppose the PLSA bill introduced by Senator Thom Tillis on December 10th. It unfairly threatens individuals with felony charges for using legal internet services.”

Be professional. Their offices get calls like this all of the time. The point is to make sure your call is tallied and logged. They might ask you for your address and that’s normal. They’re making sure your legit.

Go to social media and tweet/post:

“Today I called @Senatorhandle1 @Senatorhandle2 and asked them to vote NO on the PLSA that unfairly threatens our favorite streamers and content creators with felonies for doing nothing wrong. Call your senators and do the same today! #stopDMCA #stopPLSA

Ask your neighbors to do the same:

This is a surprisingly non political issue because there are bill sponsors from both sides. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for help. There are good guys on both sides here and there are bad guys from both sides here.

And make sure they also take to social media and spread the message.

Going to jail for mistakenly playing a song on a stream is unreasonable for most average voters.

Content Creators: Use your audiences: Tell your followers and fans to do the same. It’s just a phone call and there is no liability here. As I said yesterday, there is so much going on in Washington right now, they might appreciate talking about a different issue. Keep using the hastags #stopDMCA and #stopPLSA (Protecting Lawful Streaming Act).

Stay active. Don’t worry. And you guys will beat this thing.

What you can do RIGHT NOW:

Why this bill exists and the other politicians involved:

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