Sasha Banks did WWE fans proud with Mandalorian arc

We root for our WWE superstars when they jump up and do big things.

We root for Dwayne Johnson.
We root for John Cena.
And we root for Dave Bautista and anyone else.

Which also includes Sasha Banks aka Mercedes Varnato, who just went one on one against Boba Fett in Star Wars. Wow.

“The Legit Boss” was on the Mandalorian twice this season and did terrific as Koska Reeves, a complete problem in Mandalorian armor that won a bunch of new fans, who will want to see more of the character in the future.

It’s good for wrestling and it’s good for Star Wars.

And it’s not always a sure thing. Some wrestlers can’t bring that energy to other projects. And they don’t become more. Now, just being a pro wrestler is a dream millions still have, but leveling up from there makes the journey even better for everyone.

Banks is up for another big weekend. In addition to that wonderful Mandalorian finale, we’ve got Smackdown tonight and the TLC pay per view Sunday.

What an awesome time to be a Star Wars fan. And what an incredible time to be a wrestling fan.

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