The Mandalorian: Believe the hype “The Rescue” is one of the most rewarding Star Wars payoffs ever

***The following contains major spoilers regarding the season finale of the Mandalorian titled “The Rescue”***

During the closing moments of “The Rescue” I can tell you what I felt, gratefulness at being a Star Wars fan for my entire life, and bittersweet satisfaction at what I saw unfolding on screen.

Peyton Reed did everything right directing “The Rescue”, especially in the last 20 minutes of the episode, where what others did with mixed results, she did perfectly.

The rescue of Baby Yoda or Grogu was done so well. I enjoyed this all star team of actors that I’ve come to appreciate on everything from “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad” to WWE and Marvel. It was great seeing Boba Fett drawing interference while they got on board, and the fight between Din and Moff Gideon was everything I wanted it to be.

We have to talk about that final scene.

I always had the feeling it would be Luke Skywalker who picked up Grogu, the timelines matched perfectly, but every little bit of attention to detail was done right here.

The CGI looked good and created a convincing Mark Hamil. And Luke reacted the way I expected him to react observing a baby of his former master. And when R2 rolled in, goodness, I was really overwhelmed.

Our good bye between Din and Grogu was just as emotional as we expected it to be. Make no mistake, this was one of the best father/son relationships of the pop culture modern era.

And they nailed the landing perfectly.

I don’t know where we’re going next with Season 3 of the Mandalorian. And I’m not going to try and focus on that so much now.

Let’s just appreciate what an awesome season this was, and the level of excellence that we experienced with “The Rescue”.

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