The Mandalorian: Yes, “The Rescue” would have happened anyways, but don’t be a jerk

**Warning: The following post contains major spoilers regarding “The Rescue” episode of the Mandalorian.**

For the majority of my day yesterday, I was flying high. That Mandalorian season finale was wonderful in almost every way and I just loved it so much. I’m sure many of you did as well (story HERE).

But a friend brought up a decent point?

“If Luke Skywalker was coming for Grogu, wasn’t the rest of the episode just a waste of time?”

What a mean thing to say. But she wasn’t wrong.

The truth is that Luke Skywalker walked right into that cruiser and decimated an entire platoon of Dark Troopers, who were supposed to be the baddest of the bad. It’s hard to believe that Moff Gideon or any of the regular storm troopers would have given him much more trouble.

But you might ask, if one single X-Wing could have boarded that ship. That’s fair.

Even Luke Skywalker might have had to call the New Republic for some backup on that one. So, it would have taken an extra trip.

But yeah, if we’re being strictly technical, you could say that “The Rescue” was a success as soon as Grogu was done reaching out with the force on top of that mountain in “The Tragedy”.

That however should not damper what was one of the best pieces of Star Wars fiction we’ve had in decades though.

We got to see Luke Skywalker, in his prime, something we never got a fair look at, take down some of the toughest the empire had to throw at him.

And we had a goodbye between what was basically a father and a son, that we will never forget.

What an awesome program.

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