Trending: Here are the funniest reactions to Kyrie Irving burning sage on the court before his grudge match with the Boston Celtics

In one of the most Kyrie Irving things, Kyrie Irving is capable of, the NBA World Champion and All Pro was seen burning sage on the court before his return to Boston to play the Celtics. The Celtics and Irving experienced a dramatic separation before he ended up with the Brooklyn Nets.

The internet had plenty to say about Kyrie’s ever poetic frame of mind that caused him to perform such an act, and refer to the media as “pawns” earlier this month beforehand.

Well, whatever Kyrie did, it worked. The Nets defeated the Celtics in pre season action 113-89.

Kyrie’s line? 17-7-5.

Irving appeared to get a warm welcome from his former Celtics teammates. Both teams will be strong favorites in the Eastern Conference, along with the defending conference champions, the Miami Heat, and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Expect the regular season experience to be much different for Irving, especially if they start letting fans back in the arena again.

His future Hall Of Fame teammate, Kevin Durant, had his back after the game.

“He probably sages the room before he plays 2K” said Durant about his controversial teammate and the popular video game.

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