AEW: Cody Rhodes’ Star Wars movies list starts a social media debate

AEW wrestler, Cody Rhodes, got the Christmas week social media discussion off to a fast start, by publishing his rankings of the Star Wars movies and shows.

What raised some eyebrows was the reverse position of two of the most polarizing films in the mythology. That would be “The Last Jedi” at number 2 and “Rogue One” in dead last.

Cody’s tweet got Rogue One trending in the top 10 for a good portion of the early morning on Monday. A strong post considering, wrestling traffic doesn’t move towards the top until Monday night, and with AEW’s competitors sharing prime time with Monday Night Football and The Bachelorette, sometimes not making it at all.

AEW had a great 2020 creatively. It’s product is the most wrestling fun on television at the moment. And the crossover with Impact has had both organizations trending (even AEW Dark) over the past two weeks.

AEW also airs on TNT, where the network has most of the Star Wars films on heavy rotation through the holidays.

And Cody is expecting a child with his wife, Brandi Rhodes, congratulations to both of them again.

You can read Cody’s rankings below and some of the reactions.

Cody defends “Last Jedi” below…

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