The Orlando Magic can’t stop spending money on injured players

The Orlando Magic made some rare waves on social media on Monday, with the news of two contract extensions on their roster.

One of those extensions was for former #1 overall draft pick, Markelle Fultz, who overcame adversity in Philadelphia before coming to Orlando and doing some great things under some tough pandemic circumstances last season.

It’s the second extension we have to talk about.

Jonathan Isaac. 4 years. $80 million dollars.

Issac has had tremendous problems staying healthy. He won’t play one minute for the Magic this season.

Respectfully, this is a blind investment. Isaac has a torn ACL and we can’t be sure what kind of player he is going to be when he gets back. And he was often injured before this latest setback.

And the Magic are in danger of regressing this year.


Because they can’t stay healthy and we keep spending money on players that will never see the floor (story HERE).

We have to ask ourselves at what point are we going to stop being polite and try to win a championship?

In this drastically improving Eastern Conference, our team at the Amway Center is losing ground because of a series of risks that haven’t worked out in the best interest of the team. This is terrible policy.

The road to a possible championship has never seemed like such a far trip. KD and Kyrie in New Jersey. Giannis and Jrue in Milwaukee. And Butler and Herro in Miami.

We can’t hang with those guys. Because our players can’t stay healthy.

In an organization that seemingly prides itself on low key but rewarding investments, we have come away with two quick trips to the playoffs.

We’re not learning.

And as fans, we have to ask ourselves, how much more of this are we going to watch?

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