State must fill vacant Executive Director job at FL VA ASAP

Right now, one of the top jobs regarding veterans affairs in Florida is empty.

The Executive Director position at the Florida Department Of Veterans Affairs is vacant. This after former director Danny Burgess ran for State Senate this year and won.

To have this job empty around the holiday season is unfortunate. This is because this is the time when veterans in Florida tend to need the most help. Problems finding a job, housing, and trouble filling the gap after life in the military, has led to Florida leading the nation in suicides by veterans. And we’re also in the middle of a pandemic.

Not the best time to leave his position empty. The FDVA is supposed to make sure that veterans have access to the resources they’ve earned, but they don’t have someone at the top making sure it gets done. That’s wrong.

There is also a lot going on right now. We’ve got COVID vaccines moving into medical facilities, and an upcoming year where many vets will try to exit the doldrums of 2020, that have left many of them unemployed and homeless.

The state agency working to avoid these outcomes should have an executive director to be held responsible.

And the next appointee should be someone that is committed for the long haul. This shouldn’t be a placeholder gig. It’s disturbing that the position would be so easily abandoned after a better job opens up.

Let’s hope that state leaders will move quickly to fill this post in the New Year. Our vets deserve agency leadership that will be present and prepared to do the job when it’s needed the most.

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