Veterans Good News Wrap Up: Two nights before Christmas edition

We’re just about 28 hours before it’s officially Christmas, and we’re lucky to see some good news coming in for veterans getting some help around the holidays.

Let’s do a good news wrap up. With two nights before Christmas.

Brockton Mass: Veterans helping veterans get their independence back:
At VA hospitals in Brockton and West Roxbury, 18 quadriplegic veterans are getting a degree of independence and privacy back. They are being outfitted with HeadMouse Nano devices so that they can operate iPads and other devices with their head movements. read more HERE

Washington D.C: D.C. veterans blessed with rental assistance
58 District of Columbia veterans were surprised for the month of December, with their rent fully paid for. The gift is part of the Home Depot Foundation’s nationwide “Operation Suprise” campaign. full story HERE **props to Home Depot for that***

Veterans helping Veterans Food Drive
Chatanooga: Tennessee “We are trying to take care of the food bill so they don’t have to worry about food. A lot of veterans have children and they have things they have to take care of. So if we can take care of the food bill that gives them more room to pay bills and buy toys,” says Kevin Baker, Organizer of the Veteran Food Drive. full story HERE

Florida nonprofit helps veterans into the agriculture industry

Tampa Bay: Sara Ferrera needed something new. Back in the Army, she worked as an analyst in an office. After leaving active duty, and later the Reserves, she then quit her civilian job to pursue a college degree.

When that didn’t pan out, she stumbled across the Veterans Florida Agriculture Program. Read more HERE

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