Movie Review: “Greenland” surprises and entertains

If you picked a film most movie critics would have bet against based on plot and trailer alone, “Greenland” would be looking at the long odds. But this comet disaster movie manages to focus on the right things, and in turn produces an enjoyable “end of the world” film.

Gerard Butler stars as John Garrity, an architect, who along with his estranged wife played by Morena Baccarin (Deadpool, Gotham) are preparing to watch “Clark” a comet that will be the closest to ever past by earth. When parts of the comet began to break off and destroy major cities (including Tampa), a carefully selected group must board planes to Greenland before the biggest asteroid destroys the rest of the world.

Ridiculous. Yes. Boring. Absolutely not.

Director Ric Roman Waugh zigs where others have zagged, and focuses on the sheer element of panic and that’s why this movie works. The comet is almost an afterthought, as Garrity along with his family have to find away to escape their homes and find safety.

There is cheesiness and some unneeded components. Besides Butler, Baccarin and a third star I’ll leave out as a surprise, the production has skimped on supporting actors with everyone else on screen seemingly being plucked from a generic movie character machine. It also could have been a half hour shorter.

But what allows “Greenland” to overcome those hurdles is what allows it to win. Focusing on what you do have which will appeal to an audience. A suspenseful film about the escape that does manage to get the big movie moments right.

It’s a shame we couldn’t watch this on the big screen. This is one of those meant for summer movies, that when you see on cable a year or two from now, you’ll remember how unexpectedly good it was.



Running time: 2 hrs

Rated PG-13

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