My Letter to Service members serving away from home on Christmas 2020

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Merry Christmas. This year you are once again spending this very special holiday in the most noblest of ways. Defending our freedom. Whether it’s in the Middle East, Asia, or Europe, the work your doing is always appreciated and there is always a place for you at our tables, even if you are not physically able to be here.

And of course we can’t leave out military spouses. Too often we forget about the men and women who have to stay behind and take on the role of both parents to their children. It’s double work with half of the support they would get from a loving partner. You’re in our thoughts as well.

While this is always a tough time, this year you’ve also had a pandemic thrown on your shoulders. Many of you are handling COVID testing on your installations, which is also very much putting yourself at risk. And one aspect of your deployment that many aren’t seeing back here, is the quarantine many of your units must experience before finally returning to to your families, adding more time away from home.

But soon you will return. And hopefully your bonds will be stronger than ever and you can make up with that time missed.

While you are away, please know that we are fighting for a better life for you when we get out of the military. We we say the benefits you’ve “earned”, it is on days like these where that means more than ever.

Merry Christmas and God Bless You

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