Inspector General must provide answers behind West Haven VA Hospital explosion

The calls have begun for a Department of Veterans Affairs Office of the Inspector General investigation into the explosion at the West Have VA Hospital in November (story HERE). The blast took the lives of a VA employee and a contractor.

Those calls should be answered, and the community along with all of the veterans that seek care at the facility deserve an explanation.

This is because there is possible proof that this explosion could have been avoided. And if there were calls to prevent this disaster before it occurred then changes must be made and decision makers must be held accountable.

What is really frightening is that this is a medical facility. We go to these places to seek care and to get better. We deserve the peace of mind in knowing that the conditions in these areas are safe.

And not just patients. The front line employees that work there as well. Especially during a global pandemic.

If it seems like the call of for an investigation is a “no brainer”, then we have to remember the very nature of the politics high up in this organization.

The investigation may reveal that there were hazards that could have been repaired. And that these two victims could still be alive today.

And that is going to scare some of the higher up administrators. Transparency does not suit them well in this regard.

Moving into 2021 and with a new administration in the White House, the biggest need at the Department Of Veterans Affairs will be transparency.

Let’s begin this trend by getting the people of West Haven some answers.

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