Florida VA Hospital should publish weekly reports on how many vets are getting COVID vaccine

The COVID 19 vaccine is Florida and there are patients receiving it. We know this because of the hospitals are reporting it, our local governments are reporting it,and the media is covering it. But there is a blind spot in our vision over one group who is receiving the vaccine.

Our veterans here in Florida.

The truth is that the VA hospitals in Florida have always been very secretive when it comes to information of what occurs inside of their walls. This means many family members of veterans and even the veterans themselves are stuck looking for answers on a vaccine that could be potentially life saving, not only for themselves, but for their family members.

This is why the VA should be publishing weekly reports on how many veterans are getting the vaccine here in Florida. This would go a long way in making sure our veterans are receiving the care that they’ve earned.

Too often these facilities operate outside of the spotlight and that’s the way many of these administrators prefer it. The challenge is that when there are problems, they’re often not discovered until they’ve become a dangerous, and an accident has already occurred. Sometimes with deadly consequences.

The answer to this problem is the same that it’s always been. Transparency.

How many veterans are receiving the vaccine in each facility?

Which vaccine are they receiving?

Are there any problems or challenges that have been experienced?

Finally, what steps are the hospitals taking to ensure elderly vets are have the information they need to make an appointment?

That’s not asking too much.

As I look around the country, too often I see disturbing stories about poor conditions at other VA facilities that are now under investigation because they could have been prevented by simply providing more information to the public.

The VA in Florida should be moving in the opposite direction. Especially in my hometown of Orlando, where there are two facilities that should be vaccinating veterans.

Let’s be transparent. Let’s be proactive. And let’s save the lives of these veterans who have earned this health care.

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