Veterans 2021 Wish List: Better dental care…again

Veterans have waited for a champion to fight for better dental coverage for them for years now and we remain waiting moving into 2021.

We get it. It’s expensive. But this remains a dire need for so many vets, just like it has for years. A costly dental condition can wreck a soldier’s quality of life and decimate a savings account, sending them on a financial fast track to ruin.

And unlike other areas where we see at least minimal progress, we see nothing in the area of dental care.

I know firsthand. As soon as you begin to even mention the possibility of seeing a VA dentist, administrators begin to shake their heads. It’s as if they’re trained to vigorously refuse any attempts by veterans to try and see a dentist on the VA’s dime.

So what is it going to take?

Simply put. Baby steps.

It’s going to take some lawmaker to sponsor the legislation to either offer a voucher for dental care somewhere else, or to widen the criteria to be eligible to see a VA dentist.

There will be a cost analysis and it won’t be cheap. But if these lawmakers and government officials make an honest attempt to reduce unnecessary expenses in other area as of the VA, in addition to being creative and finding other ways to incentivize care to private organizations then maybe we can find a way.

Finally, if we’re not making any process in getting better dental care for our vets, then we should audit the way we’re spending money on the existing programs and criteria.

If they’re not helping enough vets, then we need to consider the way we’re allocating money to these resources, and send your tax dollars to programs that actually help veterans.

The VA exists to help. Not to turn vets away or make receiving care even more difficult.

Dental care remains a screaming need for moving into 2021.

We just have to care enough to make it happen.

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