Kentucky state lawmakers must pass bill providing some financial relief for Veterans organizations

Important legislation making news in Kentucky, with a bill intended to relieve veterans services organizations or VSOs of tax burdens during the pandemic.

According to the report (story HERE) bill request 153 would..

“Exempt veteran service organizations from ad valorem taxation if over 50 percent of the organization’s annual net income is expended on behalf of veterans and other charitable causes”

There is some language that would require some clarification to ensure other groups don’t abuse this initiative, but it’s a much needed step to help VSOs.

This is because during the COVID 19 pandemic, veterans groups have been unable to meet. This means they haven’t been able to host events at their facilities and canteens. Or even gather supporters for fundraisers. And they haven’t been able to approach other veterans and grow their membership.

These obstacles have cut off their almost all of their sources of income.

But the bills never stop. Especially ad valorem taxes which are often very substantial for an organization that isn’t designed to be wealthy. They’re around to help other veterans.

We also have to acknowledge that for a lot of veterans, these locations are the only places they have to go where they can be around others who really understand what kind of life they’ve lived. And for some elderly vets, these aren’t just friends, it’s their only family.

The good news is that it looks like Kentucky lawmakers will pass this legislation if they get the chance. But we also need to remember our VSOs all over the country who are going through the same difficulties during these tough times.

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