After La Salle COVID tragedy, state leaders must clean house at Illinois Department Of Veterans Affairs

The COVID 19 outbreak at the La Salle Veterans Home claimed the lives of 36 people. There were 108 residents that got sick and 106 staff members that were also ill (story HERE).

This is why state leaders must follow the guidance of over a dozen veterans affairs leaders in the region, and either terminate or demand the resignation of Illinois Department Of Veterans Affairs Executive Director and their Chief Of Staff.

They failed and they must be replaced. To keep them in place would be to ignore a problem that has already taken away 36 loved ones from spouses, siblings, and children that can never be replaced.

Frankly, it’s disturbing that they’re hasn’t been changes already. That these individuals didn’t look at these numbers and offer resignations themselves.

It’s important to put ourselves in the places of these veterans in these homes. You’ve defended your country honorably, and all you want to do is enjoy the rest of your life with your fellow brothers and sisters in peace.

But a challenge arrives and the decision makers in charge of keeping you safe fail. And then after you’re gone, they don’t have the decency to make the right decision and let someone else come in and do the right thing.

Is it because their titles and lifestyles, their egos, are more important? I would like to think not.

What we can be hopeful for is that these veterans groups are sticking together. They’re taking a stand and saying “no more”. Sadly, there are other area of the United States where this isn’t the case.

Illinois lawmakers should honor these veterans and do right by the fallens and start demanding changes at the top of this department.

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