VA will miss Congressional deadline on report regarding patient safety

The Department Of Veterans Affairs notified West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, that they will not meet a congressionally mandated deadline to submit a report of patient safety and quality at their facilities (story HERE).

The report was an important part of The Improving Safety and Security for Veterans Act of 2019.

Senator Manchin gave reporters this statement in response..

“The VA informed me they are unable to meet the congressionally mandated deadline to submit a report on patient safety and quality of care at their VAMC facilities. This is simply unacceptable and shows yet another failure of leadership from the VA to provide vital information to veterans and their loved ones,”

“I urge VA Secretary Wilkie to quickly release this report as mandated by my bipartisan, bicameral bill signed into law on Dec. 4, 2020. Our veterans and their loved ones deserve answers after the horrific alleged actions of multiple West Virginia VAMC employees have come to light including the murders of at least seven veterans at the Clarksburg VAMC.”

This missed deadline comes during a particularly dangerous time at VA Facilities that are dealing with a tragic string of deaths at their retirement homes in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic.

There have been demands across the country for investigations into these deaths that have gone unanswered. Families are also running into obstacles trying to arrange the funerals of these COVID 19 victim as the departments that handle the records needed for benefits are also running behind.

VA Secretary Richard Wilkie is a lame duck in the position. Reports had no indication of when the report might finally be published.

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