Florida lawmakers should consider tougher punishment for criminals robbing the graves of veteran

A terrible story out of Polk/Lake County in Central Florida, that made national news over the weekend. Two men were accused of robbing the graves of veterans and using their remains for a religious ceremony (story HERE).

The men disturbed the graves because their needs required the souls that were “heroic” and “stronger”. The remains included those of a World War I veteran, Korean veteran, a former marine who was still in his dress blues during the crime, and a good Samaritan caretaker.

Florida lawmakers should examine this crime and sponsor legislation that would make violating the graves of veterans come with a stronger punishment.

This is because many of our heroes are already facing so many challenges when their alive. They have their military service which already requires so many sacrifices. Then there is life after the military, where there are surging suicide numbers, and a VA that cannot deliver on the benefits earned.

Now they can’t even rest peacefully after they’re gone.

Really, we could all imagine their kind of frustration here. Imagine if it were your parents, siblings, or spouse’s graves that were violated? Wouldn’t that channel an anger in your entire family?

I’m upset for these veterans. Especially here in Florida, where we have one of the largest veterans populations in the country.

Let’s take a stand right here and now and do something about this.

This isn’t a crime where sentencing can be mishandled over confusion. There is no reason to be robbing a grave.

Florida lawmakers should try to get something passed this session. And let’s make sure our veterans can finally find peace.

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