The Bachelor: Producers must give us Abigail vs. Victoria

This season of The Bachelor is off to a great start with an easy to root for protagonist in Matt James, and a group of women that offers plenty of potential favorites to this dedicated fan base.

But there are two that stick out to me, and are on completely different sides of the Hero/Villain spectrum.

On the hero side, we have Abigail, a hearing impaired professional, who is both beautiful and intelligent. She is also one of the sweetest personalities we’ve seen on The Bachelor for some time and has become an instant favorite for many viewers, including myself.

And then we have Victoria. Well, there is a lot to say of Victoria.

Some are already calling her one of the biggest villains in the show’s history. While I haven’t forgotten Corrine, it easy to see why. She’s self appointed royalty who demands the attention of everyone in the house and hijacks time from Matt with a blunt force approach that is at times completely unbelievable.

But it’s great TV.

What a tremendous event it would be on this terrific program to give us a confrontation between the two.

In fact, I can’t think of another potential event that would jolt this already social media dominant program. (they rolled right through the College Football National Championship tonight on the trends) such an event would absolutely send everyone into overdrive.

Bachelor show runners know this, the question is if they were able to properly forecast it. They know their audience better than most.

It’s what the fans want. It’s what the fans need. Let’s hope we get it.

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