Here is what we need from the new Indiana Jones game

We’re getting a new Indiana Jones game from Bethesda in collaboration with Lucas Games.

This is a big deal. Indiana Jones is arguably the greatest adventure hero of all time. And he doesn’t have a strong video game title to his legendary name.

Don’t give me Nathan Drake. Don’t give me Lara Croft. Indy built the house those guys are living in.

Needless to say, I’m very protective of this character and will be very picky when it comes to this title.

Here is what we’ll need..

That John Williams had better be bumping
: Second to only Star Wars, is the Indiana Jones score. The music is such an important part of the story telling here and it must be done properly. Don’t half @$$ this please.

The whip-play must be on point: Whips and video game controls don’t always go together. But Indiana Jones without his fedora and whip just doesn’t work. This combat is going to be tough if it’s going to stay true to franchise. That’s because it’s unique. Keep it fast but also precise.

Give us history and mythology. Not science fiction: We want Indiana Jones fighting Nazis and cults. We don’t want him fighting aliens. The movies work best that way and I’m sure the games will be the same.

Keep the spotlight on Indy: In the movies we loved Marcus Brody and Short Round, but we’re here to be Indiana Jones. Don’t get too over creative here. It could hurt the game.

We want suspense from beginning to end with only slight breaks to appreciate the franchise: Indiana Jones is about pacing on the big screen and that should be no different in this new game. We want a fast start. Short break. An extended fast moving body. A really short breather. And a finish that is going to tear the house down.

Indiana Jones is one of the best to ever do it in the world of fiction.

But he doesn’t have a video game that’s worthy.

Let’s change that here. It’s long overdue.

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