The DMR on Warzone is quickly becoming the Goldeneye “Oddjob” of FPS for this generation

The biggest current controversy in gaming is the overpowered DMR on Call Of Duty Warzone. While the world loves this first person shooter, many casual players and powerful influencers online have all agreed that the weapon is just too strong for this kind of game.

While there was supposed to be a “nerf” (to my non gamer readers, it is exactly what it sounds like) that was supposed to make the gun more fair, many Warzone fans believed that is has done nothing and that “DMR zone” reigns with the weapon ruining the flow of this first person shooter.

Normally, I’m the first to tell players to toughen up (snipers are a part of the game, and skill based matchmaking belongs here, get over it) this gun is almost universally despised.

This time I’m on this side. And I’ll make this bold statement.

Basically, it has become the “Oddjob” for this generation.

For anyone under the age of 35, Oddjob was a selectable player on the classic James Bond Golden Eye on Nintendo N64. The character was almost unkillable and was responsible for almost derailing this legendary title (more on that HERE).

And if you’ll forgive my old person voice, there wasn’t a network patch that could fix Oddjob. We were stuck with him.

What I’m getting at is that I’m little more forgiving than most of the gamers because I understand that there will always be a bug that forces titles into a rough patch. This month it’s the DMR. Next month it will be something else.

But developers should try to fix this broken weapon again. After all, if we haven’t evolved since the 90s, what is the point in all of this to begin with?

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