Veterans Group Purge of Capitol Attackers is painful but necessary

This week, some major veterans groups have begun examining last week’s attack on the United States Capitol in Washington D.C and will be ejecting identified attackers from their ranks.

The process won’t be easy, but it’s ultimately the right call.

And while some outsiders will scoff at the fact we don’t believe it’s easy, it just demonstrates their lack of awareness of how close some of these groups are.

We’re effectively cutting off ties to some of our brothers and sisters who have lost their way.

Most of them have already been let down by an ineffective Department Of Veterans Affairs. Really, they needed someone to talk to and they weren’t there. Instead, they listened to the rhetoric of some politicians who showed up for the parades and disappeared without any promises kept.

But nothing can justify what we saw in D.C last week. They have to be let go.

And they’re not above the law either. If they broke it, they have to be held accountable.

If there is a take away from this post, besides what’s already in the title, it’s that we must do better.

These veterans need help. Most of them have been lost since they exited the military and they feel betrayed. Some of them are indeed ill, while others need a reminder that this government at the end of the day is flawed, but good.

We must continue to push for change the right way. These are the lawful measures with checks and balances that are the foundation of the very freedoms we’re protecting.

And if we do it the right way, hopefully we can see a change and never have to travel down this road again.

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