Chicago Bears leadership appears more lost than ever at season ending press conference


“Everything is on the table”

Two terms that kept coming up as Chicago Bears general manager, Ryan Pace, and head coach, Matt Nagy met with reporters three days after their disappointing playoff exit to the New Orleans Saints and a disappointing 8-8 record, which included a five game losing streak (story HERE).

They didn’t have answers on what their quarterback situation would look like or if former second overall draft pick, Mitchell Trubisky, would return.

They didn’t have answers on what the team would do with star receiver, Alan Robinson, after contentious contract negotiations.

They didn’t have answers on who the next defensive coordinator would be.

They didn’t have any answers.

And that is cause for concern for a Bears fan base that continues to suffer with the lack of true progress with this team under this leadership regime.

Many of them were indeed moaning when the Bears moved up to draft Trubisky instead of Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes.

They warned this coaching staff about the unpredictability of Cody Parkey before their last playoff run ended.

And they’ve been asking the team to re-sign Allen Robinson all year.

But they keep ignoring fans. And that normally wouldn’t be a problem, coaches are supposed to know more than fans and idiot bloggers like me.

The problem here is that time after time we’ve been right. And they haven’t.

And so we move on to next season.

With no answers from this leadership team that doesn’t appear to be learning. And even worse, refuses to admit they’re wrong.

So now we wait. With only “collaboration” and “everything is on the table” to carry us through the long offseason.

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