Call Of Duty Warzone Builds: The Artilleryman (The Vehicle Slayer)

This is the latest of my Call Of Duty Warzone Builds. Today, we’re bringing out the fireworks with the Artilleryman. The “Vehicle Slayer” or the “Crowd pleaser”.

Why? Because taking out an entire team with a rocket is something beautiful, and one of the most satisfying parts of this wonderful game.

The Playstyle: You want the world to know your name. You see a vehicle. You blow it up. You see a team that isn’t social distancing. You blow them up. You are there to rain fiery death all the way until the end. When you hit the ground, start looting and start buying clusters, precisions, and anything else that can potentially wipe an entire team. And if your inventory is limited, give them to your buddies.

Perks: You ain’t here to hide. EOD or Killchain will work here. Both will ultimately lead to more explosions or more durability from explosions.

Either Ghost or Overkill will work in the second slot. If you want a second primary, I recommend the LMG of your choosing. If the rocket doesn’t finish them, you can clean em’ from a distance or just make them miserable by raining bullets on them.

Lastly, we’re going with Shrapnel. You’re in favor of anything that goes boom.

Weapons: I like the JOKR and RPG. That way you’re covered both an with anti vehicle and anti personnel solution. If you don’t want the hassle of figuring out how to get both, then an LMG, as previously mentioned or a Shotty for up close will be fine. You will eventually need a general solution for the homestretch.

As for explosives go either C4 or the Frag. They both go boom, and that’s what you like. Any disorientation option will work fine but gas really sets the scene off right.

Finally, you’re here to cause a panic. This can be a real fun way to play. And when you get good at this build, people will remember the day they crossed your path and explosive devastation completely wrecked their team.

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