Call Of Duty Warzone Builds: The Medic (Combat Lifesaver build)

Today, we’re continuing our Call Of Duty Warzone Builds series, with a fan favorite of many. The Combat Lifesaver. This is a heavily improvised build because Warzone is about “killing them all”. It’s the first thing they tell you when you land.

But with some roleplaying and the right pieces, you can be a great Warzone lifesaver.

Playstyle: You know that feeling fear when you’re not sure if your teammate is going to be able to revive you or not? As a combat lifesaver, you’re there to make sure that your teammates don’t feel that stress. While conflict is inevitable, you’re going to keep as many of your guys alive as possible. Do this correctly and your squad won’t be able to proclaim you anything but an MVP when the credits roll.

Perks: We’re going to go with Double Time and Ghost to grant you some running speed and make you harder to detect. These perks could make the difference between getting that revive off or getting both of yourselves killed.

For the third slot it’s got to be Tune Up. Otherwise, what are we doing here? Every second counts

Weapons: Medics aren’t suppose to carry weapons but *bleep* that in a game like Warzone, where over 100 people are trying to kill you. Take a Riot Shield and keep it on your back. Get a .357 to protect yourself, and get good with it. If you’re really dedicated to roleplaying, keep a knife and use it for “surgical” purposes. Make no mistake though. You’re not there to do nothing.

For lethal ordinance go with the Claymore or Proximity Mine to protect yourself around the corner when reviving your teammates. And for disorientation take the Smoke to stay out of sight of snipers.

Finally, I’m a big believer of this build. It is a fun role playing experience and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Call Of Duty move in more of this kind of a direction in the future.

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