Call Of Duty Warzone Builds: The Pilot (Guardian of the skies)

Today, we continue our Call of Duty Warzone series on builds with one of my favorite characters. The Pilot. Flying a helicopter in Warzone is a blast, and a lot of times terrifying. But a good pilot can bail his team out of some tough situations, and can generate a lot of other offense in more ways than you think.

Playstyle: First off, and this might be the most obvious thing you read all day, you’ve got to learn how to fly. There are some terrible pilots out there and they just plain scare the heck out of me. Learn how to use your missile countermeasures. Learn how much damage your chopper can take before you pull a swap. And if things go south, get on the mic and tell your team to bail. Don’t be the reason your whole quad gets wiped.

That being said. You should be ferrying your teammates to contracts, buy stations, and away from the gas. If you have to fight, try to use your rotors and turn your enemies chef salad. Also don’t be afraid to land, get out, and start sniping.

You should also constantly be telling your teammates what you see. Be a drone. Do not be silent.

Perks: We’re going to go with…

Kill Chain: To call in some other pilots for clusters and air strikes when you get the money.

Overkill or Ghost: You’re going to be landing on top of buildings to snipe or laydown some strong cover fire. You can pick Ghost, if you’re happy using a secondary launcher to destroy your other poser pilot friends.

And Spotter to do some extra recon for your buddies.

Weapons: If you’re straight role playing go for a Marksmanship Rifle and a Pistol. If you want some anti aircraft power, go for the LMG and Launcher combo.

We’re also going throw down a C4 in case anyone tries to steal our ride. and a Smoke Grenade to provide some cover to our teammates.

This is a fun build. And a great pilot can completely change the course of a game. Give it a try today.

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