Wrestling YouTubers, Podcasters, and Bloggers were wrong again, this time about Ricochet

Once again the wrestling bloggers, podcasters, and Youtubers were wrong. This time about superstar Ricochet leaving the WWE.

Because of course they are.

It’s bears repeating that many of these individuals are making stuff up.

They don’t use named sources. Ever.

They are wrong over half of the time, and have successfully found a way to generate revenue off of lying to you.

They were wrong about Keith Lee getting busted down.

They were wrong about Drew Gulak leaving the WWE.

They were wrong about Ricochet leaving the first time.

They were wrong about Andrew Yang making changes to wrestling labor conditions (he can’t).

They are always wrong.

And I always take time to write about them because their lies are picked up by other people who can’t tell the difference and they become bigger lies. And people get hurt off of baseless rumores.

If they worked for a legitimate sports news company like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, or even your local news affiliates, they would have gotten fired a long time ago.

At the end of the day, they’re just fan boys trying to get access and free stuff. When they don’t get it, they turn on the business and lie.

The problem is that people get hurt.

Take my community in Orlando, where they’ve lied or exaggerated about COVID in the area. They make up stuff in the context of what’s going on with wrestling and people believe their telling the truth.

This time Ricochet called them out on it. I hope more wrestlers do.

They need to stop. But they won’t.

Unless you tell them to. They shouldn’t be making money off of harmful lies.

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