WWE Smackdown reactions: They gave us back the old Shinsuke Nakamura theme and we missed it so much

You know, sometimes pro wrestling doesn’t have to do much to get us jumping again. And that was the case on Friday Night Smackdown, where we got back Shinsuke Nakamura’s old theme and social media lost their minds.

Really, it never should have been taken away from us to begin with.

The crowd roaring along with that violin as he dances down to the ring is the perfect primer for this wonderful athlete, and when they took it away, I got angry because they were wandering in the dark looking for something that was never there. Trying to fix what wasn’t broken.

But it’s back now. And boy are we happy.

Most wrestling fans will tell you that Nakamura has never really gotten the push he’s needed from the bigger shows and that he’s buried on the roster, despite so many hours of programming that has to be filled.

The same could be said about a lot of superstars in the WWE right now, but it’s different for Nakamura because we already know he’s spectacular.

Just wait until we get crowds back.

Let’s take a look at some reax…

We also have to throw some love at Billie Kaye, with the Riott Squad and that new camera their using for the entrances.

There is a lot of greatness here. It’s just a matter of the right decisions being made from both the past and for the future like we saw tonight.

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