Indiana lawmakers must launch inquiry into Roudebush VA Medical Center before potential harm is done

Some troubling news out of Indiana this past week, with a whistleblower reporting a backlog of maintenance problems at the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis (story HERE).

A former contractor is citing problems, including a flooded operating rooms and sterilization rooms that have had raw sewage in them.

It goes without saying that this is a concern that Indiana lawmakers on all levels should launch an inquiry into to discover more potential problems before anyone gets hurt.

Especially after the explosion in West Haven, Connecticut facility that took the lives of two people (story HERE).

The Whistleblower, who is identified in the news package, says that reports are not being sent up the VA chain because hospital leadership doesn’t want to appear “incompetent”.

The fact is that if these reports are indeed true, then that is exactly what the leaders at this hospital are, and they are putting their employees and veterans visiting the hospital at risk to cover themselves.

Veterans right now are in a vulnerable place when it comes to oversight. We have a VA leadership that has been dealing with allegations of mistreating a sexual assault case, and the Secretary himself is a lame duck, who has been asked to resign by the American Legion (story HERE).

It will take concerned lawmakers and citizens to prompt an investigation and ensure everything is being done in this facility to keep veterans safe.

And to bring things in perspective, they might not find anything. Perhaps efforts are already under way to fix these problems before they’re discovered.

Either way, we must find out and ensure our VA medical facilities are safe for everyone.

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