VA Hospital ratings system isn’t being updated as promised

The Department Of Veterans Affairs established a hospital ratings system a while back that would allow veterans to compare the care they’re receiving at their facility, to what other veterans might be experiencing at their medical center.

According to a report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution the sight hasn’t been updated in over a year. And it shows (report HERE).

Before there was supposed to be a star system, similar to a grading system you may see with county schools in your state.

My hometown of Orlando and their state of the art facility received 3 out of 5 stars. Too low. Did they improve? We don’t know.

Now that method is being shelved. We’re not sure what’s next.

We do know we’re still seeing ratings from 2019.

Veterans in the report say the VA isn’t being transparent and they’re right. Transparency is not required by the organization and many times they keep information from our very own elected officials, the ones we can hold accountable for mistakes.

It goes without saying, that this system is also not working during the middle of a global pandemic, which has taken the lives of so many. Now, when we need information more than ever, we’re not getting it.

And leadership is a problem here. We’ve had a lame duck VA Secretary and his performance hasn’t gotten better in the past year. After that, we’re left a group of faceless administrators and directors who benefit from flying under the radar.

Especially when it comes to anything that could track their performance.

This ratings system must be repaired. We need more information during these crucial times. Not less of it.

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