Here are a couple of villains who could be responsible for the events in “Wandavision”

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the first two episodes of “WandaVision” on Disney Plus.

The first two episodes of WandaVision have dropped, and it’s definitely a different kind of superhero experience (story HERE).

What we do know (or think) is that Wanda is the victim of somekind of reality altering experience. This would explain why Vision or Wanda herself can remember anything. There is also the voice at the end of the show trying to reach her and ask “Who’s doing this to you?”.

Let’s run through the line up of potential villains that could be at the end of this sitcom maze:

Doctor Doom: He’s the big Avengers baddie we haven’t seen in this universe yet, and he had ties with Wanda in the comic books, and would also tie us to the Fantastic Four.

Mephisto: Marvel’s “Devil” villain can change reality and would be an entity that could do a lot of damage by reversing the events we’ve seen on screen over the past 12 years, including Vision’s death.

: Here is a popular choice of a lot of fans. He’s a villain who really can take you in your sleep. If a weakened Wanda caught his eye, it could make for some interesting drama.

Doctor Strange: Yeah, I know he’s not a villain. But we know Wanda is going to be in the next Strange film “The Multiverse Of Madness”. If Wanda lost her way, maybe the doc has her in some suspended state.

Magneto: This is Wanda’s dad in the comics. And the Xmen’s main villain could open up an entirely new world of Mutants.

It could be Wanda herself: Wanda was traumatized watching the love of her life get his lifeforce ripped out of his head by Thanos. Maybe she is doing this to cope?

There is a lot of promise behind all of these villains. Only time will tell who is the one really pulling the strings.

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