The Bachelor: Katie and yes, Victoria, could be the duo viewers find themselves rooting for next week

The self proclaimed queen of “The Bachelor” had most of Bachelor nation confused on Monday night,.

This is because it was early favorite, Sarah, who came out of nowhere to become a time thief who kept Matt James from meeting the other women in the house. She did this by becoming needy and dropping in for the steal at almost every opportunity of tonight’s show.

There was an explanation. Her father was ill and she was hurting. After a fast start, she found herself leaving tonight.

But it was Victoria, who was loathed at the beginning of the season, who won reluctant approval from some viewers.

And tonight’s episode begs the question. “Is Victoria also the strongest woman in the house?”

Still, if there was a big winner tonight it was Katie. Who had been quiet since the first night where she brought the “toy” out of the limo. She had been quiet since.

Despite getting snubbed by Sarah early on, she actually went to her aid at the end of the show and won applause from viewers.

And now with five new women joining the house, we could see Katie and Victoria continue to win over viewers during this “invasion”.

Queen Victoria the hero. That should be something.

And we’ll all be here for it next week. Great TV.

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