Orlando VA doesn’t announce when they’ll get more COVID 19 vaccines

The Orlando VA has announced that they’ve run out of their first allocations of the COVID 19 vaccine after treating themselves and then running three clinics.

After the vaccines arrived in mid December it took the Orland VA almost three weeks to host their first announced clinic. They hosted two clinics this past weekend. There have been some conflicts over the age threshold between 65 and 75 of eligible veterans to receive their first dose between the clinics (post HERE).

It was reported that they had 1,000 doses of the vaccine but no specifics have been added over who and when those doses were administered. And nowhere in their announcement did they specify when they might be receiving more of the vaccines.

The deployment of the vaccination here in Florida is an especially important issue because of the many older veterans who have chosen to retire here and are particularly vulnerable to the COVID 19 virus.

All of this is also occurring when there is a lame duck Department Of Veterans Affairs Secretary, and the Executive Director position of the Florida Department Of Veterans Affairs is currently vacant, after the last director parked in the post before running for office after previously serving in the state legislature.

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