Big Retailers should pay veteran for profiting off of his Afghanistan photos

As you guys are well aware of, I’m a veteran.

And as many others of you are aware of, I”m a photographer.

Which is why the topic of billionaire retailers profiting off of the images of a soldier in Afghanistan, where he deployed twice, makes me angry (story HERE).

This veterans was also medically separated after “traumatic” brain injury. He is a Purple Heart recipient.

Still, he’s not seeing any money from posters that were on sale at Wal Mart and Amazon.

And that’s why he’s suing. There is something terribly wrong with that.

Especially in the era of both extensive problems at the VA, and a pandemic, where veterans everywhere are currently suffering. They need to give this guy his money.

Now, I patrol Orlando with a camera in hand, and will take any newsworthy photo I can find. I can appreciate the business side here.

But there is a big difference at taking a news photo to tell a story once, and slapping a photo on a poster and selling that image for profit countless times over.

And there are concerns that a ruling against the retailers could set a precedent, and soldiers everywhere might have to get paid for photos taken in the past.

So be it.

Perhaps, the military has to revamp their regulations for photos. This is a real issue.

Likely, it will mean that soldiers will have to sign some overlapping releases in the future.

But that’s not the case here in the present.

This solider spent two tours in Afghanistan. And others are making money off of that. That’s wrong.

Give him his money immediately.

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